Mission Statement

The necessity of a service like PodSpective becomes clear when considering the following baseline assumptions to be true (which, obviously, I do):

  1. That thinking and writing critically about culture is a worthwhile endeavor.
  2. That criticism of culture allows for subjective differentiation, creates a values system, and thus allows for the curation and categorization of culture.
  3. That podcasts, similarly to literature, music, film, and even to the paintings one sees at museums, have the potential to be Culture (with a capital C).

TL;DR: Just like you don't have time to watch every movie or listen to every album, you don't have time to listen to every podcast either.  Thus, like RottenTomatoes does for movies or Pitchfork does for music, I review, rate, and recommend podcasts for your listening pleasure, allowing you to focus on only the best of the best.