2 Girls 1 Podcast

2 Girls 1 Podcast


“Two actors who perform the weird Internet on stage dive into the deepest web wormholes with members of fringe online communities. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula have hilarious and humanizing conversations with furries, ticklers, balloon fetishists, professional cuddlers, adult diaper enthusiasts, and more. You can't un-hear this.”

Question: who here has not started off somewhere on the Internet in a perfectly normal, reasonable place and ended up falling down a deep, dark abyss of bizarre online subcommunities where you’re equally afraid to go any further yet so fascinated that you just can’t stop?  You might try to claim you’re not one of us, that you haven’t ever been on 4chan or watched documentaries about some very, ahem, interesting fetishes or fallen down a YouTube hole of conspiracy theory videos, but I don’t believe you.  That, or I don’t want to be friends with you and you can probably stop reading this now.  The fact is, outlandish subcultures are deeply fascinating, and that’s the subject that 2 Girls 1 Podcast explores.

2 Girls 1 Podcast (named for the infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup shock video), hosted by Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula, is a new show from the Daily Dot and the Podglomerate.  First off, it’s funny as hell.  Hosts Alli and Jen are clearly comfortable in front of a mic, and their quick wit is at least half of what makes the show as good as it is (even after a mere three episodes!).  Their hosting style and back-and-forth repartee is reminiscent of other podcast classics, like The Last Podcast on the Left and Guys We Fucked.  This show is no-holds-barred (if you couldn’t tell from the title’s reference to one of the worst videos on the Internet), so if you’re not okay with explorations of taboo subjects using barroom language, well, just don’t listen.  Also, you’re lame.  

Second, the subject matter that 2 Girls 1 Podcast delves into is perfect for the platform of podcasting, which is capable of delivering completely uncensored coverage of topics that would never make it into the mainstream cultural zeitgeist.  This show leverages that fact to the fullest, with episodes so far about the sexual nature of the furry community, tickling/foot fetish websites, and the concept of ultra-niche dating apps.  

All I can say is, I’m very excited for what’s in store for the future of this podcast, considering the vast number of absolutely off-the-wall fringe online communities out there.  What’s next?  I’m hoping for things like: the vampire community, “secret” societies, online cults, and extreme body modifiers.  2 Girls 1 Podcast is a must-subscribe.  


Great so far, but there’re only three episodes at the time of writing this review.

Hilarious.  They bring humor to the dark fringes of the subcultures of the Internet.

Future Potential:
Very high.

Special Notes:
New episodes are available one week early on the TuneIn platform as a part of the First Play program!

Episode Length:
45min - 1 hour

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Notable Episodes:

  • 01 Furries
  • 02 Tickling

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